Areas of activity

Lithuanian Metrology inspectorate:

  • performs legal metrological supervision of pre-packed goods and measuring instruments;

  • performs the functions of the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Lithuania; records measuring instruments in the Lithuanian Register of Measuring Instruments, issues type-approval certificates for measuring instruments;

  • approves the types of measuring instruments not falling within the scope of the technical regulations (from November 1, 2018);

  • approves the methodology for checking the measuring instruments, coordinates activities related to the organization of verification methodologies;

  • in the cases provided by law, provides information to the European Commission and the authorities authorized by the other Member States on measures for prohibiting the use or placing on the market of measuring instruments, pre-packed goods or measuring vessels, and the reasons for such decisions;

  • organizes the production of verification marks and verification certificates of measuring instruments, and controls their use;

  • designates the designated bodies, suspends and withdraws the right of the designated bodies to carry out type rating, verification, assessment of the control system and (or) inspections;

  • controls the activities of designated bodies;

  • issues certificates for legal entities or natural persons wishing to label pre-packed goods and measuring vessels complying with the requirements of technical regulations and other legal acts, respectively, with "e" and "ε" signs;

  • approves the list of non-systemic units of measurement related to the International System of Units (SI) and the measures authorized for use in the Republic of Lithuania;

  • approves filling schemes for fuel dispensers

  • advises economic entities on legal metrology issues

Last updated: 02-10-2018